Respect, compassion, empathy and listening are key (1 Corinthians 13). 

Apologetics usually revolves around discussion and reasoning. It is easy to think about it as a debate and lose sight of the person you are commanded to love. You are striving to win a soul, not an argument. Here are some suggestions:

To make Him known - The first step in the disciplemaking process is taking the Good News of Jesus and His Kingdom to the lost.
Three podcasts - Andrew Stroud shares of his journey as a person committed to sharing the gospel and helping others share the gospel. Ryan Snodgrass as an evangelist, making disciples at Ft. Bliss tells his story. Tom Marlin talks about his experiences laboring as a pilot in the Air Force.
Story of a Lifelong Laborer — LeRoy Eims served with The Navigators for over 50 years in a variety of ministries, including Director of U.S. Ministries and Director of Evangelism Worldwide. This is his story. It starts when LeRoy was a young Marine during the World War II beach landing on the Pacific island of Peleliu.
Abiding and Walking with Jesus - this video has military members describing how important our relationship with Jesus is.