Navigators Military Podcast - Trumpet Call

Podcast 1

Men and women of all nations rising up to the call to know Christ intimately, and to the high calling of laying down our lives like Christ so others can hear and believe the Gospel and become His disciples too. We hope to “sound the trumpet” to gather as one in the Spirit to bring fresh vision, insight, tools, and motivation to the great work that lay before us. This is an interview with Terry Wichert, then Navigators Military Mission director, about the grand purpose of this initiative of the Military Mission.

Podcast 2 - Essential Alongsiding 

Tom Bourke answers the question, "Do we generate ministry only, or are we a generational ministry?"

Podcast 3 - Return to our Roots - Asking Big

Susan Fletcher talks about Dawson Trotman and his big faith.

Podcast 4 - Prayer

Terry and Susan Wichert urge us to keep on praying at all times and to not lose heart. In Part 2 Terry shares a story from his Navy years of a dynamic and unexpected answer a prayer that he asked the Lord to do regularly.

Podcast 2 - 5 Marks of a Disciplemaker: Mark #1 Be Like Christ

Long time Navigator Staff Ron Koehler shares his wisdom from decades of walking with Christ and teaching midshipmen from the Naval Academy how to know, love and be like Christ.

Podcast 3 - Mark #2 Knowing and Living the Scriptures

Ron Mahler talks about gaining a lifelong handle and love for the Scriptures.

Podcast 4 - Mark #3 Spiritual Generations

Podcast 5 - Mark #4 Biblical Community (2 part series)

John and Jess Snyder describe some ideas surrounding true Biblical community.

Podcast 6 - Mark #5 Going to the Lost