Navy/Marine Corps USNA Conference, 17-19th Feb 2024

By NavsMil Admin, 12 December, 2023
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Sandy Cove Ministries Sandy Cove Road, North East, MD

Lodging Information

This Conference includes your meals, hotel lodging, breathtaking views, and numerous activities (walking trails, shuffleboard, soccer, basketball, playground, putt-putt golf)
1 Person Room ($450.00)
2 Person Room ($300.00)
3 Person Room ($275.00)
4 Person Room ($250.00)

Please pray about this conference’s Giving project

Rixon and Priscilla Fletcher Hi, we’re the Fletchers! Our daughters’ names are Anruah, Halleann, and Rhema. About three years ago, God shared His heart concerning the youth of the Caribbean and called us to participate in building His kingdom. We were assured through various confirmations from His Word, dreams, visions, friends, and strangers. We made the decision to leave the Navy as He advised and follow His plan. Moving to Jamaica is the next phase and we’re excited to go! We see a coming revival in the Caribbean region, and He’s called us to disciple this next generation of leaders, the fruits of this revival. God wants us to raise people who will wholeheartedly give themselves to advancing His gospel and have full confidence in Him to carry out His specific vision through each of their lives.

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