Evangelize, Establish, Equip, Entrust

The Four “Es” of Disciplemaking 

We’ve found it helpful to think through the stages people go through as they grow spiritually. It helps us assess where they are at and how we can help them. 

Evangelize, establish, equip, entrust

Each of the four “Es” below are a link to more resources. 
Note: If you have not already read the page on Basic Discipleship, you might want to start there and return here when you are ready.


The World needs to hear the good news of Jesus and His kingdom. Key concepts: Love, Your testimony, Reliance on the Holy Spirit, The Bridge illustration.


New believers need to be established in their identity in Christ. Key concepts: Assurance of salvation, Obedience (the lordship of Jesus over their lives), Basic spiritual disciplines, Sharing the Gospel and living it out for others to see.

Layer 1  Equip

New disciples need to walk authentic Christian lives and be equipped with training and tools to disciple others. Key concepts: Dependence on the Spirit, Character, Purity, Spiritual gifts and personal strengths, “4Es” disciplemaking process.


Disciplemakers need to be empowered to endure and build communities of believers. Key concepts: Dependence on God, Courage to take risks and fail, Leadership, Mobile alongsiding, 5 Traits of a disciplemaker.

Important notes for your own spiritual growth

Where are you at in this process? Don’t think about this as stages you “graduate” from. The further you go, the more dependent on God you will become. The reality of spiritual warfare as you serve others means you must be personally rooted and established in Christ. At the same time, don’t think that you have to achieve a “black belt” in discipleship before reaching out to someone. A brand new Christian can be the best person to reach their friends. 

There are many disciplemaking illustrations. Some of them are shown below. Learning the illustration is not as important as thinking through your own approach to helping others. What does your disciplemaking process look like?