The Wheel Illustration - Establishing New Believers

For reference, here is the “official” Navigators Wheel Illustration webpage.

You can create your own presentation with this simple Wheel Illustration powerpoint slide set. The last slide adds a “shock absorber” to the Wheel called “Grace.” This brings up the important point that we should not get caught in a performance trap thinking that obedience and spiritual disciplines equal salvation. Note: Some browsers do not properly display slides in View mode, but the downloaded slides should work.

Here’s an example of how The Wheel can be combined with a topical studies and spiritual disciplines.

Christ the Center 

Obedience to Christ 

The Word 

  • The Navigators Word Hand illustration 
  • Quiet Time 
  • How to study the Bible
  • Topical Memory System (especially A Pack)



  • Five Friends (Friends Hand) 
  • The body of Christ 
  • The importance of being part of a local church